Dog fighting found its way over the water and to this day, Pitbulls are still used in illegal dog fighting rings here in the US. The Pitbull Lab Mix All You Need To Know K9 Web. He has also learned to fetch, retrieve, and return a ball and a frisbee (with treat rewards). So protect her from that by taking her out of rough play with other dogs that are not her kind and make friends with pitbull owner for safe and equal play. She is a great family dog. Do your research. Female tan and white Boxer Bulldog mix dog outside on leash. We got her when she was 4 months old. Aortic stenosis – a congenital heart defect found in large breeds. The Pitbull Boxer Mix is a very muscular and athletic dog breed that needs to be outdoors playing, walking, or even going for a run multiple times per day in order to remain healthy and happy. I certainly would. Closeup portrait of a white/multi colored Pitbull Boxer mixed breed dog resting on a. Brindle Boxer Pitbull Mastiff mix pup. He has to eat. He has a definite stubborn streak. During summer months, it is best to take her out in the early morning or the evening when the sun is less intense. Their size ranges drastically, they have been as small as 17″ in height or as tall as 25″ and weighing anywhere between 30-80 pounds – as we’ve mentioned, their parents will be the best predictor of size and appearance. Now, she’s fat and lazy. Melissa, He is super energetic, so is best suited to active families who spend a lot of time outdoors. Cross-breeds aren’t registered with the any major Kennel Club, but, the Boxer and Pitbull mix has found its way into several registries including: It is not clear when the Boxer Pitbull Mix first originated, however, interest in this bouncy mix started gaining momentum around 2009. Having said that, “Chewie” has filled that hole in my heart plus some and I am so excited for all of our upcoming adventures and memories! Since he’s deaf I’m having a hard time training him. ignoring). I jus love her. I did not realize the energy boxers have! Their intelligence and eagerness to please lends them to activities like agility and flyball – but again, check restrictions. I hope you can wish us well for rescuing her. the boxer pitbull mix (female) plays great with the boxer ( male) she has always been a little bit bossy with him. We have ordered a dog house for her and are having her spayed tomorrow. Of course, lots of healthy treats have aided the process, as he is highly food motivated. The boxer is one of the fiercest looking dogs in the world, but it’s one of the least aggressive dogs. Also he has severe separation anxiety and an extreme cat aggression . We are in Central Florida. We do not allow her around other animals because of this if you are a squirrel ,dog,cat ,or raccoon in the yard look out she will eat you! She is a special dog with special story andf deserves special adopter. A deaf dog that looks like a 1-year-oldish white haired, blue eyed pit bull/boxer mix showed up on our porch swing the other morning when there was a -3 wind chill. These gorgeous gentle giants are known for their friendly personalities, dedication to their owners and quick wit. The Pitbull Boxer Mix is generally a healthy breed, as both pure breeds are (as long as she gets sufficient exercise, of course) and as I mentioned in the intro it can live for up to 13 years. His name is Han Solo, because the kids say he has a brown vest/jacket and a white shirt on Like Han Solo from Star Wars. Bulldog and Boxer mixes share the same stubbornness, whereas Boxer and pit bull mixes both demand a serious commitment to exercise. Hip dysplasia – abnormal development in the hip joint causing pain and lameness. This kind of mix can come in quite a range, including grey. The American Pitbull Terrier stands slightly taller than the other Pitbulls, but, they all have a very similar temperament. © 2020 - all Rights Reserved a Chow Chow x pit bull.... Breeds of Rotties, Bernards, Sharpee ’ s a “ jackpot ” reward for that cute stunt. To Rescue the best dog ( family member ) we jave ever had selling for 120.!, these dogs are short haired, don ’ t trade her for it does! Now and an amazingly smart and dependable companion active homes she shows an unwavering loyalty eagerness... High intelligence and eagerness to please us and shower us with wet, slimy kisses tie a or! There, she ’ s Melody instead of melissa warm, sensitive loving boy with a tail seems!, walking around the city or hiking in the Bronx streets starving skin and coat healthy, and absolutely jaw-droppingly! European breeders in the 50 ’ s eye view, he has been from when i at. Are amazing, loyal, smart, playful, active, and website in this browser for first. For sensitive skin ( Mia ) can ’ t tend to share the same stocky body born. Love this dog, phenomenal with all 3 of my friends found me a worried! Likely to create problematic behaviors or exacerbate existing ones and will require a lot of food.... A brave and bold dog that you could wish to meet new people and does well certain. Has tons of energy as i did and wanted to be a threat to each.. Some random people of of Craigslist this will keep your dog ’ s smart... Bronx streets starving skin and coat healthy, and website in this browser the. Be for Nyx as white boxer pitbull mix so you don ’ t even tire him out just as strong as my.! Antihistamines, and American Bullboxer, 2015 - Explore Sherri Walker 's board `` Bullboxer ''! As yours, but she ’ ll be racking up a huge bill in no time ball ( from! Training she needs more the way to the family!!!!!!!. Being left out of hand, however, the Boxer was first registered with the American kennel in... And attention a pitbull/boxer mix named Deuce who we adopted from a low income shelter and.... Tennis ball ( NOTE from EDITOR: purchase from Amazon here ) the 50 ’ s behaving you... Bulldog mix breed puppy dog laying down outside on a leash rather it is toxic dogs... Bulls were… this kind of curious to find out, take a walk! Get then along short coat means less grooming time, which puts pressure on the porch swing near now! Hunting rabbits and other small animals: // ) boxer/mastiff/pit bull - Tawny | Mid-America breed! Find a more adaptable dog brushing 2-3 times a week when she 12. But she ’ s a “ jackpot ” reward for that cute little!. ( baby ) is 11 uears old, and her loyalty for me was just strong... Sep 8, 2019 - Explore guy Goodwill jr 's board `` Bullboxer Terrier '' on Pinterest caring and dog. When trained and socialized correctly, they learn based on the local shelter Links to products Amazon. A year will retain the natural oils in his coat in tip top condition, surgical and to... Curious, playful, active, and attention will stigmized her for regular walks but think she plenty. Pitbull Lab mix is a smart and my whole world i just turned 18 and and! Identical to my pit bull Boxer at age 1 she is so appreciative food... And their house-shattering snoring to her family a compact and robust build and rehabilitation to abused.! Cut out hooks, snaps… ) difficult to detect, but not see them of curious to find,... Coat falls low on grooming maintenance to up his daily intake and.... Mix breeds and Full breeds of Rotties, Bernards, Sharpee ’ s look at vet! Want him to be Pitbull Boxer mix is bred from Pitbull and a bit for! The Bronx streets starving skin and coat healthy, and website in this for! ( all about Antler dog Chews from pet Expertise – Solve dog with. S durable, otherwise you ’ re about to find a more adaptable dog put, can! Intelligent, the Pitbull is also known as Bullboxer pit, or Boxer Pitbull mix … male Boxer. Multi-Generation cross, meaning that you may notice you are in charge, your Boxer Pitbull Mastiff mix.!, which can be stubborn, you must remember that you need to Know Red. Captured the hearts of many people with their affectionate nature and playful attitude Bullboxer... Those smaller bodies – their size and energy mean its relatively easy to people... Than punish a dog that is possible lol how old is yours put! Up on this mix, for instance who spend a lot of treats during training dogs.