Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater, Medium, propane heater that could fit any camping, Tenergy 1500W/750W Portable Space Heaters with Adjustable Thermostat, Recirculation Air Electric Fan Heater with Auto Shut Off Switch, Advanced Tip-over & Overheat Protection, Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop or Under-Desk Heater, Black, TaoTens Portable Space Heater,600W PTC Ceramic Heater Auto Oscillation,UL Listed,Small Desktop Heating Fan with Overheat & Tip Over Protections for Office Indoor Home, ← 6 Best Screen Houses for Camping in 2021 Reviewed. Extra safety with automatic overheat protection. This heater is also eminently durable. The Little Buddy is our top pick for smaller camping trips. Other than just being safer because the heater operates using electricity rather than propane, this model also boasts many extra safety features. The level of heat, safety and temperature flexibility you are looking for. If you’re considering buying a heater, make sure you find one that will work on the campsite’s power supply. He is the co-founder of WeCounsel Solutions and has published work in both national and global outlets, including the Times Free Press, Patch, and Healthcare Global. Although we have previously outlined some of the drawbacks for propane heaters when it comes to safety, this heater with its extra safety features can offer you the best of both worlds between an electric and propane heater. With all the versatility of a propane heater, combined with nearly the safety of an electric heater, the Buddy heater really is a jack of all trades. From. From camping showers to blow up double mattresses, you can set up your own en-suite double room, in the middle of the great outdoors. Although this heater does have features like an automatic shut-off file valve if the flame goes out, a large paddle foot base for stability, and a safety grid, the more safety-conscious among you might still be left wanting more. Electric heaters are much safer than using a gas heater. If you have measured temperature in Fahrenheit, here’s how you calculate the required BTUs: Take a look at the BTUs in our top picks of tent heaters to determine which one suits your unique set of camping needs. The Brightown Ceramic Space Heater is small and lightweight. Now that you know all this, here are the best heaters to use in tents. The built-in handle and lightweight design make it very easy to pack in your car and take on a camping trip. So, for family groups, or those willing to invest a little more money for extra safety, we wouldn’t recommend this heater. However, this heater isn’t designed for tent camping. What makes this model eminently useful for tent camping is the 45-degree heating angle. Indoor/Outdoor use. An even lighter and cheaper option than the Little Buddy is the Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater. Indoor-safe portable propane heater for rooms up to 95 square feet. The dimensions of this product are just 11x11x11 inches, and weighing in at just 5.9 pounds, this portable heater offers a great combination of power and portability. Your email address will not be published. The differences in tent heaters come down to how they run and operate. Mr. Heater Little Buddy. Fortunately, many heaters today have safety features, so you can sleep soundly. Follow our recommendations for the best heater for tent camping, to turn your winter camping memories from shiver-interrupted sleep to dozing off in warm luxury. The leftover coals from your campfire will go a long way in … If you’re planning your tent camping trip to a large site, with RV hookup, this could be an easy solution for you: but staying on an RV site with a tent is not ideal. 3 quiet settings - including high heat, low heat, and fan only make this electric space heater ideal for warming up an area in your home or home office. Propane heaters are much easier to use in a tent and don’t need the extra kit or hookup. Mr. Heater is the top brand for tent heaters on the market. If you’re searching for a camping location with an electric hook up, always double check. Do you have more than one setting to choose from? Choosing a heater with more settings will give you added flexibility. Staying warm while camping is one of the most important things you’ll need to do to stay comfortable on your adventure. Electric camping heaters normally have a variety of features, such different heat settings to choose from. This heater is robust. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Long gone are the days when a camping trip was synonymous with roughing it. Some heaters offer the feature of a low noise when working. By opening your tent’s ventilation windows or gaps, the release of carbon from the propane heater won’t be a problem for you while you sleep. If you’re choosing a propane heater as the right option for your chamois trip, for safety we would recommend you heating up your tent for an hour or so before you enter it. Best Overall: Mr. Heater Buddy Mr. Heater. Many safety features. Even though these heaters have auto-shutoff for carbon monoxide, play it safe and also get a battery powered CO detector to keep in your tent. Electric Tent Heaters Because there is no open flame or oxygen-burning fuel, electric tent heaters are generally safer to use in a tent than gas burning heaters. Learn More. Some electric tent heaters can also be connected to your car battery. Electric Tent Heater Safety Concerns. This heater has an automatic shut off in the event of the heater tipping over, or the internal temperature becoming too high. How to choose the best electric tent heater? Being bottom heavy, you don’t need to worry about it tipping over and causing any safety hazards. These tend to happen in the worst weather, which is when you need to stay warm the most. With all the great camping heaters out there it’s tough to pick a winner. However, unless you’re using your power generator for other purposes, such as heating your camping shower, this might be an unnecessary and sometimes heavy and burdensome, piece of extra kit for you. By using this site, you accept our use of your cookies. Many choose to keep their heater on a small table so that it’s not on the floor. Campy Gear 2 in 1 Portable Propane Heater & Stove, Outdoor Camping Gas Stove Camp Tent Heater for Ice Fishing Hiking Hunting Survival Emergency & Patio (Taupe, CG-3000B) 4.6 out of 5 … Portable tent heaters. We’ve shown you the difference between propane heaters and electric heaters, and the benefits for each option. And even with tent camping, with the number of products available on the market, you can almost get access to all the things you would look for in a top hotel, except for room service, and without the price tag! When you go camping you want to enjoy nature, your time with family and have a good night’s rest. With technology and innovations, you can use heaters that are safe for tents like the Coleman Catalytic Blackcat. The adjustable thermostat knob on this heater also maintains the desired temperature for your room once it is reached. You want a heater that will warm your fingers and toes in no time. However, they don’t leave you with much room for spontaneity, and definitely, aren’t a great option for primitive camping. A portable tent heater is one of the most effective ways of heating your tent. Bonus tip: For a look at last year’s best camping heaters of 2018, you can watch this video: About Us | Camping | Tents | Fishing | Game Cameras | Hiking & Backpacking | Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclosure | DMCA The Mr. Heater Buddy is also a great option for safety. An important safety feature is to ensure your prospective tent heater will shut off if it’s accidentally knocked over which is very possible in the tight constraints of a tent. If the Buddy is too large or pricey for your needs, then a great second option is Mr. Heater Little Buddy. Need to turn the fan off. Campfires warm an area but tents remain cold. Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater. These include a cool touch casing, safety shut-off if it overheats and safety shut off if it’s tipped over. Tent heaters can be such a great addition to your winter camping experience that, after you’ve tried one, it’s hard to go back to camping without them. In terms of heat output, electric tent heaters btu’s can vary greatly depending on their size and wattage. For smaller tents, and maximum portability, we would recommend the Little Buddy. A Quality Sleeping Bag. On a lower setting it won’t get too stuffy. Three heat settings. It also means that you’ll not be able to leave your car parked and head off for a day and night trip, a long hike, or some of the more exciting primitive camping opportunities. Multi-protection. *Recommend for... 3 quiet settings - including high heat, low heat, and fan only make this electric space heater ideal for warming up an area in your home or home office. With a ceramic burner tile mounted with shock absorbing insulation, which can be easily replaced, your heater will stay functioning and in one piece for years to come. that, after you’ve tried one, it’s hard to go back to camping without them. to blow up double mattresses, you can set up your own en-suite double room, in the middle of the great outdoors. This heater aims to circulate fast warmth at a gentle rate. This means that the Mr. Heater Buddy could be the perfect option for you if you’re looking to heat a large tent for many people, or you’re looking to purchase a tent heater for many types of camping excursion. We’ve shown you the difference between propane heaters and electric heaters, and the benefits for each option. Electric tent heaters require electric hookups, which are only available at most RV campsites. So to help you decide which one is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top 6 best heaters for tent camping. These include safety protection as well as adjustable thermostats. Mr. Heater Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Camping Heater. These heaters regulate the heat they emit, and can safely and easily heat your tent. This product is good for someone who might also enjoy having a tent fan in spring or summer months. Protection settings for electric tent heaters. Check on Amazon. Kovea cupid portable butane gas heater. If you’re looking to keep your tent warm while out on the trail than the Mr. Heater Buddy camping heater won’t let you down. This is the perfect option for combining the safety of an electric heater with the portability of a propane version. Mr. Heater Little Buddy. So an electric heater could be a good option for you if you’re planning your trip with a car. Having a high-quality sleeping bag that contains fleece and an inner liner is … This portable propane heater, made with steel, plastic, and nickel, comes with real muscle. If you’re looking to go camping in the cooler months, it’s important to keep your tent and loved ones warm. Want something a little smaller? Electric Fan Heaters for Camping Most campers will use a small electric fan heater to warm their tent, but it needs to be one that will work on the campsite’s power supply, which is much less than you would have at home. It also only weighs 1 pound, so is the most ideal option of camping heater for backpackers. How do I choose the right type of tent heater for my trip? Overheat system that will shut it off to keep you safe. Similarly to it’s bigger brother, the Little Buddy also has a low-oxygen sensor and accidental tip-over switch with auto shut-off for safety.